Residential Status


Residential Status

I/we the undersigned do hereby declare that:

  1. The above mentioned particulars/information given by me /us are true and correct to the best of my / our knowledge and nothing material has been concealed therefrom;
  2. I/We am/are completely aware of and in agreement with the provisions of affordable housing policy 2013, issued by the Government of Haryana, vide Town and Country Planning Department’s Notification dated 19 August 2013(the affordable housing policy) and undertake to abide by the applicable provisions of the said policy and any applicable laws, rules , regulations ,bye-laws or orders made pursuant thereto or otherwise applicable;
  3. I/We or my/our spouse or my/our dependent child(ren) do
    ( ) * / do not ( )
    * own a flat or a plot of land in any colony or sector developed by Haryana Development Authority(‘HUDA’) or in any licensed colony in any of the Urban Areas in Haryana or in the Union Territory of Chandigarh or in the National Capital territory of Delhi;
  4. I/We or my/our spouse or my/our dependent child(ren) have
    ( ) * / have not ( )
    * made an application for allotment of apartment in another affordable group housing project in Haryana;

In the event such other application has been made, please provide the following details in relation to each of the other applications: of the other applications:

1 Person in whose name application has been made:
2 Name of the affordable group housing project:
3 Location of the said Project:
4 Name of the developer of the said project and its office address:
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